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Environmental and Safety Policy

Our safety, environment, energy efficiency, and health activities are guided by a policy that covers, among others, topics such as workforce education, training, and commitment.

Get to know the policy:

  • Educate, train, and commit workers to the HSE issues, getting suppliers, communities, competent bodies, worker representative entities and other stakeholders involved;
  • Encourage the registration and treatment of HSE issues and take performance in HSE into account in the consequence and recognition systems;
  • Foster health and protect human beings and the environment by identifying, controlling and monitoring risks, adjusting process security to the best global practices and being ready for emergencies at all times;
  • Ensure the sustainability of projects, ventures and products throughout their life cycle, considering the impacts and benefits on the economic, environmental and social dimensions;
  • Consider operation and product ecoefficiency, minimizing the adverse impacts that are inherent to the industry’s activities.

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